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"turn-key" solutions for manuals producing and translation

Combining the services of many specialists utilizing cutting edge technology, we provide the off-the-shelf production of manuals for various types of products. Among the manuals we produce are manuals for consumer and professional electronics, mobile phones, office technology, computer technology, photographic technology, white appliances, cars, toys, construction sets, measuring technology, tools, furniture, cleaning agents and many more industrial products.

We provide professional translations, desktop publishing, prepare for printing (pre-press) and deliver complete and printed manuals to your warehouses or will submit the suitable documents for printing directly in production.

We will fully adapt to the needs of the customer. Cooperation is organized for the purpose of achieving maximum quality respecting the comfort and minimum burden on the customer. The synchronization of terminology is guaranteed. Technical processes will be fully adapted to the processes applied by the customer or we will propose the optimal solution.

Final documents will also be submitted in a format suitable for internet presentation. We will design and implement your webpage. The client can check the state of his order throughout all processing stages at any time via the extranet. All data is backed up for further use. Data protection and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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